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Brian Xavier

Brian Xavier

Ravensdale, WA


Hello. Welcome to my gallery.

My name is Brian Xavier. I'm trained as a mechanical engineer and have been in the software industry for over 20 years.

Attention to details, relationships between elements and objects, and structure are some of the elements of my work that I love. I also love color and light and the contrasts created by light and shadows. In my photography I try to bring my love for details, structure, and light and color together into each image. Sometimes that structure is subtle, or the relationships between objects is there but not glaring. My goal is for the viewer to be drawn into the image by the light and colors and then be held there by the elements and structure.

I do love photography and I especially enjoy picking some of my favorites to share with you. Please enjoy and don't hesitate to buy one of my prints to decorate your walls with a touch of color.

~Brian Xavier


Fishing Pier at Night


Back To The Future Arrives


Sunny Tops and Icy Skirts at Gold Creek Pond


Reflections at Gold Creek Pond


Seattle Public Library At NIght


The Inn at the Market


Santa-Ready Pike Place Chowder After Closing


Psychadelic Midnight Colors at Pike Place Market


Skeletons of the Past


The Ledge Above the Lake


Evening Approaches


Heaven on Earth


Sunrise Through the Mist


Misty Morning on Reflection Lake


Reflecting on a Moment


Reflection Lake Through the Stump


The Red Tree on a Starry Night


Welcome Down Under


Mussaenda Queen Sirikit


Green Visitor in the False Heather


Abridged Sunset


Herb Robert - Geranium robertianum


I-90 Light Speed Travelers


Between East and West


I-90 East Bound